Sep 302011
Chair repair and upholstery


Chair repair in Surrey presents particular problems for any furniture repair and restoration specialist.  This is because of the multiple structural dimensions of chairs and their requirement (of course!) to be load bearing.

As we all know, if just one part of the structure of a chair is damaged or becomes loose then this very quickly affects the whole chair so that it quickly loses its integrity.  Indeed, in no time at all a chair can reach the point of collapse!

The problem for anyone involved in furniture repair is that restoring chairs is often a very committing process.  Indeed, frequently chair repair involves the disassembling of a whole chair into its constituent pieces – before it can be carefully ‘re-built’ and glued together.

At Snelling Associates we undertake a lot of chair repair in Surrey.  Apart from correcting the structural integrity of chairs, we also colour, clean and polish chairs so that they regain their original look and ‘feel’.  Of course, often the restoration of chairs involves the new turning of legs and backs and this is something for which we are renowned.

Chair repair and restoration in Surrey


As furniture and restoration specialists, we also undertake the re-upholstery and re-caning of chairs.  This is a popular service as cane chairs are easily damaged and upholstery, over time, can become worn and beyond cleaning.

So, if you need chair repair in Surrey then do contact us – we provide free estimates, have many long years of experience chair repair and restoration, undertake insurance work and provide a top quality service…