Sep 302011
Antique restoration after impact damage


At Snelling Associates we are the perfect professionals to undertake insurance claims for antique restoration and furniture repair following an insurance claim.

Indeed, a good proportion of our furniture repair in Surrey involves the restoration of antiques following damage – whether by impact (deliberate or otherwise!) or through the effects of fire or water.

Of course, few things are more distressing than finding that precious heirlooms or antiques of sentimental value have been damaged.  However, it is our experience that, with care and skill, most things can be repaired and restored.

Certainly, we frequently handle insurance claims and you would be amazed at what we have managed to save and what we have restored back to its previous condition.  In fact, we suspect that we have often returned to their owner’s antiques and furniture in a better condition than before their damage!

As specialists in furniture repair and restoration in Surrey we appreciate the delicacy involved in restoration work.  After all, repairing something damaged, particularly if it is an antique, is all about returning (or recreating) the patina of the piece concerned, so that it regains its original integrity. This can involve delicate re-colouring and the precise matching of complex veneers, turnings and woodwork.

Furniture repair after fire damage Surrey


At Snelling Associates we have a team of highly skilled craftsmen each of whom specialises in different areas of antique restoration and furniture repair.  This means that we can restore your damaged furniture, antique or objets d’art and undertake complex restoration work.  Furthermore, we have considerable experience in insurance claims for antique restoration and furniture repair

So, if you need furniture repair and restoration of antiques in Surrey following an insurance claim then contact us!  We may not be able to do miracles – but sometimes we can rescue furniture and antiques that everyone else thought were a lost cause.

Finally, we provide free estimates and all the formal paperwork and invoicing that insurance companies need to settle any claim for your antique restoration…