Oct 112011
Antique restoration Surrey


One of the problems if you want antique restoration in Surrey is: who to use?  This is a vital question to ask yourself when you require restoration of an antique that has significant value – whether sentimental or monetary.  After all, the last thing you want is for your item to be repaired poorly or, almost as bad, unsympathetically.

In fact, the repair and restoration of antiques is exceptionally challenging because the work involved goes well beyond ‘repair’ in the normal sense of the word.  Indeed, the actual ‘repair’ of an item can sometimes be the easy part of the work.  Much harder can be ensuring that the repair is invisible and that the orginal texture and patina of an item are recreated so that the value of the whole piece is preserved (both aestheically and monetarily).

Of course, everyone knows about the importance of patina and the critical part it plays in giving an antique its particular personality – and value!  But how can you recreate that ‘particular’ personality when the patina of an antique has been badly damaged?

Well, recreating patina is the ‘bread and butter’ of skilled furniture repair and restoration specialists particularly those specialising in antique restoration.  Indeed, it is what sets antique restorers apart from general furniture or object repairers.

To specialist restorers the repair of an item is only a part of their work.  Of greater interest (and requiring much greater skill) is the restoration of the original texture and patina of an item, so that any repair is invisible and the patina of the whole appears untouched.

At Snelling Associates we have a small team of highly specialised craftsmen who have a passion for antique restoration in Surrey.  In fact, we welcome the challenge of furniture repair and restoration – particularly where the piece concerned has intrinsic interest and value.

Furniture repair Surrey

MAHOGANY TABLE PRIOR TO RESTORATION (see finished version above)

As you can see from the images here, we can make a dramatic difference to a damaged antique!  In fact, as you can see, we can restore items to their previous condition – despite some owners believing that any meaningful repair (let alone restoration) was impossible…

In fact, over the years we have dealt with an extraordinary range of items requiring antique restoration in Surrey.  Chair repair and restoration has been a constant source of work (chairs tend to suffer terribly over the years) and we have undertaken a wide range of insurance related furniture restoration in Surrey where antiques have suffered impact damage or been ‘ruined’ by fire or water.

In fact, it has been rare, indeed, that we have been unable to restore an antique that has been brought to us – even when its condition has been parlous.

So, if you are asking yourself: who can I go to for antique restoration in Surrey – then give us a call.

We are specialists with a long record of successful antique restoration in Surrey and we can undertake your work with the delicacy and care that you (and your treasured pieces) deserve.