Oct 262011
Furniture repair Surrey


Of course, the concern of anyone who needs furniture repair in Surrey (or elsewhere!) is: how much will the work cost?

Well, unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question – as so much depends upon the objects needing repair and the extent of any damage.  Equally, antique restoration can sometimes be more expensive than a simple chair repair, for example, or the repair of an item that does not have delicate filigree or require the specialist turning of some ornate spindle.

Certainly, no-one skilled in antique furniture restoration would ever be able to give a standard list of prices for his work.  Usually that can only be done by seeing an individual item, assessing the work required and then providing a  cost for the repair or restoration.  Certainly, there are few occasions when a skilled artisan cannot give a fixed price – but this really is reliant upon seeing (and often feeling) the object concerned.

However, in our modern age – help is at hand!

Amazing as it is still is, to an elderly craftsman like myself(!), we have the Internet and that wonder of the modern age, digital cameras!  The combination of the two now allows high quality photographs to be taken, good enough for a specialist furniture restorer like myself to at least provide a reasonably good estimate of the cost of furniture repair or restoration in Surrey.

So, if you are worried about how much a furniture repair in Surrey is potentially going to be or perhaps the price of some antique restoration – then send me some images of the object you need repairing or restoring.  Make sure the images are taken from several angles and show the whole piece – as well as the particular area that needs attention.

Of course, if you are close to our furniture repair and restoration workshops in Shere (near Dorking) in Surrey then why not pop in and see us.  If the item that needs repair of restoration is not too large you can bring it with you and I can provide you with a cost there and then.

Alternatively, bring some photographs with you and I can see if they are sufficient to give you a price based upon them.

If you think about coming to see our workshops then please give me a call first, just in case none of us are in!

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