Dec 212011
Tractor restoration Surrey


In a recent Post I referred to the extensive range of skills required of anyone undertaking quality antique restoration in Surrey.  The sheer range of items that need repairing and the array of problems that a restorer encounters means that he has to be a master of many trades or at least have a number of craftsmen within his workshop skilled in different areas of repair and restoration work.  That is what separates the ‘best from the rest’ – to coin a modern phrase!

Certainly, at Snelling Associates, we have the capability to undertake most of the work that is brought into us for attention.  However, what we are less well known for is the restoration of Massey Ferguson tractors!

Well, the truth is that this is something of a private passion as I have long admired (and worked with) Massey Ferguson tractors which have been the work horses of British farms for years.  They really are quite superb and few things give me greater pleasure than restoring Massey Ferguson tractors – particularly when they are brought to me in a really sorry state.  I am then often faced with a challenge every bit as daunting as some of the distressed items of furniture that are brought into our workshops for repair.

Massey Ferguson tractor restoration


Of course, one of the delightful (and complex) aspects to repairing and restoring Massey Ferguson tractors is that the restoration work is not just about making an old tractor look good – but is also making sure it works properly!

Indeed, my aim is always to ensure that any tractors I restore can be returned to the very work they were designed to undertake.  That said, it is always my earnest hope that any tractor restored is cared for with some love – as the work involved in restoring Massey Ferguson tractors is very considerable and nothing breaks my heart more than seeing beautifully resorted bodywork scratched and damaged!

All of the images in this Post are of some of the Massey Ferguson tractors that I have restored (from near wrecks) and, along with others, are part of my collection.  Some are for sale and some I keep – because I cannot bear to part with them after so much careful work!

Restoration of Massey Ferguson tractors


So, as you can see, our skills at antique restoration in Surrey are quite exceptional!

Incidentally, if you are interested in the restoration of Massey Ferguson tractors in Surrey and have one that needs restoration then do give me a call.  I am selective about what I take on but, as you can see, once restored they are magnificent.