Feb 142013
French Polishing in the Reigate area


Recently, a client brought a piano stool into our workshops for French polishing and furniture restoration in Dorking.  At the time, the piano stool looked pretty awful, frankly, and needed a great deal of work, including French polishing and general restoration.

However, our client does not have a piano so, in a way, the piano stool had become somewhat redundant, despite being a rather nice piece of furniture.  So, the point was whether it was really worth going to the trouble of having the stool restored or not!

Well, after some thought, we came up with the idea that the piano stool could actually have a use, beyond being purely decorative – and our client decided that it would make an excellent bedside table.  This was a rather novel solution but one that made some sense and more than justified the restoration and French polishing work involved in returning the piano stool to its previous glory!

In any event, as you can see, the piano stool now looks really terrific – and I suspect that our client will revel in having a bedside table that will be quite unusual and very attractive.

I suppose the moral of this tale is that it is always worth seeing if you can find a use for a piece of antique furniture – rather than just dumping it into the nearest auction or (worse still!) throwing it away.   Indeed, you would be amazed at what we can do to turn something that looks awful and tired into a beautiful object that has value both in monetary and aesthetic terms…

So, if you have a piece of furniture that looks the worse for wear then do bring it into our workshop or give me a call.  I think you may well be surprised at how beautiful some objects can be made and how it really does not costs a fortune…

Peter Snelling