Dec 292013
Antique repair Surrey


If you are looking for furniture repairs in Surrey then do contact us at Snelling Associates.  We are based in Shere (near Dorking) and we have been undertaking furniture repairs in Surrey for many years now.  Indeed, we believe that we have the finest furniture repairers in the country!

Over the years, as you can see from our web site, we have tackled an enormous variety of furniture repairs in Surrey – along with the restoration of antiques and objets d’art.  We have worked extensively for insurers and antique shops and pride ourselves on a personal service, backed by old fashioned craftsmanship.  This, we believe, is a rare commodity now, with few restorers having the range of abilities that we possess, let alone our attention to detail.

Certainly, we understand how to repair furniture so that you will be unable to tell that it was ever damaged.  Much of our work in restoring antiques is about ensuring the original patina of a piece is preserved and replicated in any area that we have had to renew.  This is vital.  Unless furniture repairs are done correctly and are aesthetically right an item will either be devalued or look grotesque.

As you can see from the images here, we tackle all types of furniture repairs.  Chairs are a constant source of work, along with tables.  Both types of furniture suffer terribly from day to day use with chairs notorious for having loose joints that finally give way, often snapping some support.  These can sometimes be repaired but usually we have to remake the support, turning it to match exactly that used in the rest of the chair concerned.  Meanwhile, tables frequently suffer from severe marking to their French polished tops and from knocks and bangs.  All of this we can rectify and I think you will be impressed by our ability to colour and French polish furniture so that it gleams!

Of course, chairs and tables are not the only items that we receive frequently.  Cabinets are often brought to us with a common problem being broken doors or twisted hinges.  Easily damaged when moved many cabinets can suffer from impact damage or the lifting of veneers.  The latter problem is common with a lot of old furniture, usually a consequence of central heating.  However, we have yet to come across a piece of furniture with lost or lifting veneers that we have been unable to repair.  Certainly, we have a vast store of different veneers, which we can draw upon to replace damaged or lost veneers.

So – if you want furniture repairs in Surrey then do give us a call.  We will provide you with a quotation for any work and you will find that what we do is exceptional!

Peter Snelling