May 152015


Are you looking for mirror frame repairs around Woking – and need a professional restoration of your mirror or picture frame?

If you are then contact us at Snelling Associates, as we are specialists in mirror repairs and picture frame restoration.  We have been undertaking this type of work for many years now and we have had a terrific success at restoring frames that have often been brought to us in terrible condition.  Indeed, many of our clients have brought us frames that have suffered major damage or neglect to such an extent that much of the detail on the frames has disappeared or become virtually unrecognisable!

Fortunately, at our workshop in Shere we are fully equipped to make mouldings, filigree and turnings, so we can rebuild what has been lost or damaged on your mirror or picture frame.  Furthermore, we are able to re-veneer, re-colour and French polish surfaces to match those that were originally there.

Of course, as professional antique furniture restorers, we are fully aware of the importance of patina and of maintaining the integrity of what we restore.  So, we are always exceptionally careful to make sure that we go well beyond simply repairing items.  Our aim is to enhance their value and to make sure that your beloved antique retains its unique character and is returned to the brilliance that was intended by its original maker.

At Snelling Associates we also undertake a wide variety of work that goes well beyond just tackling mirror frame repairs around Woking.  As you can see from our web site, we restore a wide variety of items from objets d’art to dining tables, chairs and tables.  With our expert craftsmen, we are usually able to restore most antiques and to a standard that you would find almost impossible to better!

So, if you need mirror frame repairs around Woking or the restoration of an antiques or objets d’art then call us or send some photographs of what you need restoring and let us provide you with an assessment of what we can do and a quotation for the work!


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