Feb 222017


Mirror frame repairs London

Are you looking for someone able to undertake skilled picture frame repairs in Surrey – particularly the restoration of antique frames?  Or perhaps you have an antique mirror frame that is distressed or in poor condition and you need a professional restoration?

Well, at Snelling Associates, we are specialists in the restoration of antique picture and mirror frames.  This is work that we enjoy and it is something that we have done for many years.  So, if you need picture frame repairs in Surrey then do just contact me.

If you can, please either come into my workshop with the mirror or picture frame you need restoring or send me an image from which I can provide you with a quotation.  Obviously, we always provide a price for the work that you need doing, along with an approximate time within which the work can be completed.

Mirror frame repairs in Guildford

Naturally, we understand the importance of careful restoration.  This, in our opinion, goes far beyond simply repairing something.  Restoration is about the delicate and sensitive repair of an item with the aim to enhance the value of the piece being worked upon.  Certainly, restoring an item is all about retaining the existing feel and patina of the piece and this is not something that an amateur can often achieve.

Of course, we can replace, re-make and renew broken or lost mouldings or filigree.  These we then re-colour or re-gild, as appropriate, before ensuring that the frame looks as it should, given its age and provenance.

We undertake, insurance related work, of course, so if you have an item that has suffered impact damage or water or fire distress then do bring it to us.  We can provide you with a quotation for your insurance company and undertake the work – as we have spent years doing work that is the subject of insurance claims.

Mirror frame repairs in Reigate

Needless to say, we also do other restoration work apart from mirror and picture frames (as you can see from our web site).  We restore a range of antiques and objets d’art from gun cases and cabinets to dining tables and chairs.  If something is an antique, then we can restore it – and restore it with sympathy.  That way your beloved item will be returned to you with its value enhanced and its usability returned.

Do give me a call and I should be delighted to see your item and restore it. I am sure that you will find no-one better at restoring your picture frame and mirror frame – or other antique!

Peter Snelling